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5 Things to Know Before Buying Your First Vape


Vaping & Smoking

5 Things to Know Before Buying Your First Vape

Most people start vaping because they want to quit the habit of smoking. Vaping does not contain tobacco but smoking does and it is quite harmful to dental health. Vaping is the best way to quit smoking. Now a day’s vaping has become a hobby for millions.

There are two components o vapes one is portable vapes and the other is desktop vapes. Portable vapes are pocket size and they are best for the person who has a habit of travelling. These portable vapes cab easily slip into the pockets with a pod that holds the e-juice. The portable vape has built-in batteries you can take few sips of the portable vape and put it back in your pocket. On the other hand, desktop vapes are not meant to move to a different place.

They are large with heavy functionality and external batteries. There are tons of vapes in the market and each vape holds a different type of herbs. Some of the vapes are stronger and some of them are made for beginners. Few things you must know before you buy vapes are mentioned below.

Different Types of Vapes:

There are many different types of vapes that hold different herbs, oil, and wax. All vapes have a different burning mechanism. There are two types of vapes one is convection vapes and the other type is conduction vapes.

  • Convection Vapes: Convection vapes are portable and can easily slip into your pocket. It is an electronic device with a built-in battery system. Convection vapes work in a way that it heats the chamber according to the specific temperature the hot air is then passed through the wax, herbs, and oil. Rather than proving the direct air it indirectly heats the dry herbs.
  • Conduction Vapes: Unlike convection vapes, conduction vapes have a built-in heating mechanism. These vapes are user-friendly, easy to use, and are less expensive as compared to other vapes. They are the best choice to use but now day convection vapes have become more popular and they are most commonly used.

Hold Vapes Carefully:

Vapes is produced by using many different chemicals so you need to place them at the best temperature and hold it with care try not to split them on your hands. Whenever you go to buy vapes before using them always read the instruction mentioned on the kit. Every vape requires high maintenance. Always plug the charger with the vape that you find inside the kit if you will plug the charger that does not fit with the vaping device your device will get damaged. And don’t plug the device overnight otherwise the battery life will be reduced.

Vaping isn’t legal at all Places:

The biggest disadvantage of doing smoking is that it is prohibited in many places but you can do vaping at every place even at the places where tobacco smoking is prohibited. You can do vaping in gatherings, cafes, offices, and other places. But there are some places where vaping is also prohibited. As a new vape user, you should know these factors. As a new user, most people think that vaping is allowed in cafes, shopping malls, offices, and others but it is not like that. Vaping is prohibited same as smoking. Aeroplanes, bars, café, and many other places have their rules first get to know the rules, and then do vape.

Select the best Vape Device:

Before you purchase a vape device does a lot of research about it. Buying the most expensive vape device and not using it properly will be a great loss for you. There are two types of vape devices available in the market one is portable and the other is desktop. If you want to carry a vape device all the time with you then purchase the portable vape device it is the best option for you. But if you want the device to keep at home with heavy functionality then purchase a desktop vape device. Always pick the device that has a temperature setting with it.

Level of Nicotine:

As we know there are different vapes flavours available in the market similarly different nicotine level vapes are also available. As a beginner always purchase the vapes with less nicotine level and then increase according to your need. Most people take higher nicotine levels at the start and then decrease nicotine levels with time. The people who do not prefer nicotine level e-juice is available for them.

Find your Favourite Vapes:

You can now find your favourite vapes kits here. Vapes with a different flavour, nicotine level, and strength. It becomes very easy to find a variety of vaping devices with different features online with just a few clicks.

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