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Customization Add More Attraction To Cardboard Packaging



Customization Add More Attraction To Cardboard Packaging

The consumer is more into what benefits a product or service provides. The role of packaging is diverse it is because it makes the product appealing and protects it from environmental hazards. The traditional way of keeping the product secure and attractive is through customized boxes.

These boxes are majorly manufactured from cardboard material. Further, the cardboard packaging makes a first impression on the customer. With its beautiful look and durable material. Also, as compared to simple packaging, customized packaging is more eye-catching. The value, quality, and impression of the product raises when the brand uses reliable material to pack.

What appeals to the customers?

According to some research, when customers are shopping, they choose within seconds. Just by looking at the appearance of the product. In addition, in these few seconds, the packaging act as a silent salesman. Which market the product, appeal the buyers.

Further, it also catches the attention of the visual appeal of competitive products. Without any doubt, the role of packaging increases at the time of purchase. There is also some school of thought which suggests that packaging is not a useful attribute. As their product is indifferent to the cardboard boxes.

If we take an example of top brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi people like them because their product tastes good. Whether they change their packaging or not, it doesn’t matter.

What matters to them is the product. However, they do change their packaging, but their primary focus is not on the packaging. Now their focus is to sell as many bottles as they can. It is because they know people have become addicted to their product. They will purchase whether we change the packaging.

On the other hand, the packaging is the key to increasing sales. Their product cannot stand without packaging. To explain this, we can take an example of beauty products. Their covering attracts the buyers and affects their decision. The new buyer will hook to the product if the customized boxes of cosmetics are attractive.

What are the quality attributes of customized packaging?

There are three sets of attributes in which packaging has been divided.

User friendly

Another name for user-friendly is ergonomic. This means brands choose those packaging which they think friendly to use. Also, the customers like a convenient custom cardboard box.

Also, it is a border term that includes all the things which have to do with adaptions to human behavior and psychology while using the product. By segregating the attributes into three categories, it means that the customers value the packaging and want to experience the high-quality product.

Recyclable material

The technical function of a product lies in its function, production, and construction. The material used to pack the product must be recyclable. It is because it is beneficial for the customers and the environment. However, in cardboard boxes, the material used is natural and eco-friendly. Further, cardboard material is easy to decompose too.

Way of communication

Further, the wrapping must communicate the idea of the product and its need to the customers. It is easy to communicate with the packaging. Also, the goods got identity when they get packed into nice packaging. In addition, it is a good way to transmit information or message to the end consumer.

It also tells the product’s adaptation to the human intellect and perception. The brands by printing symbols, logos, and text on the cardboard boxes communicate with the customers. Communication through packaging is the foremost attribute to make the sales of any product.

How do boxes become more attractive?

According to the traditional approach, the packaging acts as a barrier between the external climate and the product. The customized boxes also protect the product from wear and tear. Although this is not their only purpose. Making the boxes attractive to sell to the customers is another purpose of customization.

Now the brands use active and intelligent packaging techniques to increase their sales in no time. Now you see many new brands get success overnight. It is because they promote their product through packaging. Innovative packaging is one of the ways to compete in the market.

With the birth of e-commerce, customization has become more common. It has removed the distance between the customer and the seller. Now the customers can easily contact the seller. They can tell their specification and can order in bulk.

Although, customers have the option now to select their price and brand. The manufacturing system also has become transparent. E-commerce has introduced modern ways of packaging. They focus more on preserving and protecting goods. By selecting the proper material for the packaging, they can ensure protection. That is the reason most e-commerce use cardboard packaging.

It is because it is a safe material with fewer adverse effects. However, e-commerce also has given unlimited advantages to the end consumer. For example, often on the parcel, they wrote if you receive parcel opened or the packaging does not meet your needs. Then you can return the parcel. Which is a great initiative to increase sales.


To conclude, customization is important for every product. Also, there is some school of thought which says that their product is indifferent to packaging. Whereas, there is another school of thought which claims their product would never stand in the market if they do not focus on the packaging.

At some point, both schools of thought are justified. Many products do not need attractive packaging, while many more need attractive boxes to pack in. However, it all depends on the brand. How far they want to take their brand. The durability and flexibility of the customized boxes depend on the material.

If the material is good, then it can protect the product from anything. Thus packaging is not limited to attractiveness, but it also conveys the brand’s message. User-friendly and recyclable packaging is more likable. Which not only protects the goods but also benefits the environment.

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