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Cyberpunk 2077 Tips And Tricks

Cyberpunk 2077 Tips And Tricks


Cyberpunk 2077 Tips And Tricks

Cyberpunk is all about giving you a new experience but here’s some stuff we bet you didn’t know hwe folks it’s falcon and today on game ranks here are cyberpunk 2077 tips and tricks Native Gamer.

Doubling up on xp

You’re essentially doubling up on xp if you go around knock everybody out and then kill them and it pretty much doubled my xp with most of my encounters now it does take a lot longer to do this but trust me it’s definitely worth it and if you’re trying to level up your street cred we think this is one of the best ways to do it and then the tip that we have for you is that this game doesn’t have a set loot pool for example the vendors like to refresh their inventories they’re not going to have the same exact weapons every time.

Loot a Certain chest

You go to them if you kill a boss or if you loot a certain chest it doesn’t have the same set guaranteed weapon that you’re going to find every single time it’s going to be different we actually discovered this when we killed a boss and then we looted them and we got like a legendary gun and then we died and we had to replay the boss fight we actually discovered that they rolled a different weapon so what we recommend you do is any time there’s a boss fight or you know there’s going to be some sort of big encounter like a cyber psycho those normally drop high level gear we would do a quick save kill the boss find out whatever loot it is they have if they have a legendary weapon.

You’re golden see what it is if you don’t like it you can just load your save kill them again and then you’ll get the chance of getting a completely different weapon we did this a couple times just to test it out and we ended up getting a pistol that we absolutely loved and we carried it with me for pretty much most of the game we had that pistol clear back on like hour eight and now all the way up to like 60 hours of gameplay and we still am using the same exact pistol that’s how much we love that thing so the same thing applies to vendors if you see a vendor that you like you can save in front of the vendor and then you can just reload your save and then they will refresh their inventory so it ends up being a really good way to just farm for different weapons.

Relying too much on their feet

Relying too much on their feet this is Cyberpunk 2077 you don’t need to walk to places anymore and even more so relying on the dumb awe car that more often than not likes driving over you instead of stopping where it needs to stop so if you don’t want to be a peasant even in the future and want to get the better means of transportation you will use this method that is much faster than most of the cars in the game and way more convenient than anything else Cyberpunk 2077 has in store for you so is what you need to make all of this work.

Access to a slow motion

There’s only two mods one of them is the koranzikov which gives you access to a slow motion if you aim while dodging the second one is going to be the reinforced tendons for the double jump feature so is how you would use this under normal circumstances as in you would run towards the enemy press dodge to slide then aim your weapon and this would slow down the time in order to take down the target way easier but for this type of movement we will do the exact opposite of that which is aiming first and only then double pressing the dodge button to enter that slow motion state so again we’re aim we’re double press dodge.

This is immediately put us into that slow motion state but from this point on there is only one step forward or should we say a couple of steps since we’re be able to do two more movements before the slow motion runs out and that is you can dodge two more times if you also let go of the button midway through the slow motion phase so let me demonstrate we’re start with the aim we’re press double dodge this is enter the slow motion we’re immediately let go of the aim button and then double press dodge two more times as in one dodge and then another dodge like half a second soon after that.

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